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The Not So Small Print

All business is undertaken subject to our standard trading conditions as displayed on the Excess Bags website and the points below are additional to our standard trading conditions.

  1. All European destinations will be subject to an additional VAT charge.
  2. Please note that our charges are based on the chargeable weight of your entire consignment. Chargeable weight is calculated on the greater of the gross weight or volumetric space it occupies in the aircraft. For further information please see our FAQ section - point 13.
  3. All quotes are valid for 7 days and subject to flight confirmation and space availability from the airline.
  4. Unless requested in writing your consignment is not insured by us or our underwriters. If you require insurance please get in touch with us prior to booking your shipment and we will be able to send you a quote and if accepted the relevant documentation.
  5. Our "to airport" service transporting your shipment to airport of destination, this does not include customs clearance or import arrival charges at destination airport. Import arrival charges are normally in the region of £60 - £80, though this is only a rough guideline as airports may vary. If any other charges are applicable, such as: duty and tax charges, import storage charges or quarantine fees will be payable by you, before your goods will be released.
  6. Transit times are approximately 5-7 working days from time of payment of cleared funds in our account.
  7. UK Collections are done on a Monday to Friday basis between the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm. You can choose the day of collection but we are unable to specify a time for collection. Please make sure that there is someone present at the premises on the requested day of collection between the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm. We are able to ask the driver to give you a call approximately 1 hour before collection takes place. If this will be beneficial to you please ask for this to take place at time of booking. Timed, AM or PM collections will incur a surcharge available on request.
  8. If you are planning to drop off your bags/boxes at our warehouse, please call at least 1 hour before so that we are aware that you are on your way. Drop offs can be made on a Monday to Thursday between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm.
  9. Please be advised there are items which are dangerous in an aircraft environment and more information can be found under our Restricted section of our website.
  10. There are other items which are restricted, prohibited or perishable which can also be viewed in this section. Some of the more common articles which should not be place in our consignment is deodorant sprays (aerosol cans and asthma pumps), liquids (waterless hand gel, alcohol, perfume, aftershave), household cleaners (Bleach), Medication (authorities can not determine quickly if they are legal or illegal drugs particularly if outside of retail packaging), lithium batteries (most home electrical devices now use lithium cells), food and plant material. The above items will cause many problems with both security in the UK and customs at final destination. These items can cause delays and on occasions may result in a charge to extract the times from your consignment.
  11. Items with in our consignment which are less than 12 Months old or items such as Gifts and Souvenirs may incur Duty and Tax charges at destination. These charges are payable at destination and are worked on what items you have, the value of the items concerned and the destination customs regulation.
  12. Once goods arrive into our UK warehouse, we will check weigh the consignment and then call you to advise if the charges have changed, i.e. weighed in less or more than the estimated weight above. Once we have taken payment, we will book flights and then send you all flight details along with contact details for our agent at destination. The agent should then contact you and advise that goods have arrived. We always suggest that you call the agent on the day your baggage is due to arrive.
  13. Payment can be made over the phone or paid directly into our bank account. Payment will only be taken once goods have been checked weighed and confirmed with you by phone. Please do not give any money to the driver. Note that bank transfers can take 3-4 working days to clear and your consignment will only be sent once cleared funds are received. Cash into our bank account or Card Payments, clear the same day.
  14. We provide, via email, the tracking details of your consignment. As the owner of the goods we recommend you should be aware of where your shipment is at any point in time. If you have concerns regarding the status of your shipment please contact us.
  15. On arrival at destination you should attend to the clearance of your consignment as airlines and warehouse operators are entitled to charge import storage.
  16. Marking of every piece within our consignment with your name, address and telephone number at destination, written in permanent ink on a label or tag.