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We offer a range of clearing agent services to make sure
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Clearing Agent Customs & Excise

Professional Customs Clearance Management by the UK's leading clearing agent for Imports and Exports through all UK Ports and Airports. Operating from our offices situated under near Heathrow, London. Our Freight Forwarding operation has daily activity through Felixstowe, Heathrow, Gatwick and Southampton, mainly routed from China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Korea, Morocco, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Tunisia. We're sure we can meet all your consignment needs!

Why Do I Need A Clearing Agent?

All shipments that come from outside the EU have to go through customs before they can be regarded as acceptable to enter the country; similar to the way a traveler is required to go through passport control. A customs clearing agent will complete all the required paperwork on your behalf and ensure a smooth import process for your shipments.

How Can Excess Bags Customs Clearance Services Help?

As an excess baggage and luggage specialist and a certified clearing agent we have both the experience and skills to handle the import procedure on your behalf. We complete all the lengthy paperwork so you don't have too.

UK Clearing Agent & Customs clearance Services

For more information on our clearing agent services, please contact the team on 0800 652 7111 or for alternate contact methods see our contact page.