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Export Questions

1) Can you arrange collection from my place of residence and work? [ back to menu ]
Yes we can collect your baggage from your residence or work place. Please call to confirm the prices as these are based on the number of kgs and your location in the UK. Our best prices for the collections will have the following conditions:
You can specify your day of collection between Mon-Fri (excluding any public holidays), however our driver could turn up anytime between 9am - 5pm on the specified day. If however you need us to be more specific, please let us know and we will adjust our collection quotation accordingly.

2) Please explain the process once I am ready to send my baggage? [ back to menu ]
To start off it is best to make the booking over the phone and then complete the Export Instructions Forms, which you can download from the Documentation page. This can be faxed or emailed back to us and once received we will arrange the collection of the baggage from your residence or place of work. Unless otherwise requested our driver will arrive at your residence between 9am - 5pm, on the day you specified, so please wait for them. All collections must be made from the ground floor. If you live in a multi-storey building the boxes must be moved to the ground floor.

Once your baggage has been collected, it will be returned to us in the next 24 hours, where we will confirm the weight and dimensions. We re-calculate the price and call you to confirm the exact amount to be paid. Payment will be taken via credit / debit card or you can pay the funds into our bank account. When payment has been received we will then process the export documentation, perform the necessary security checks and hand into the airline. We will then send an email message to the email address which you provided on the Export Instruction. The email will provide you with a tracking number and which airline to track it through. It is very important to track your baggage until it arrives at your destination.

3) What is the transit times to destination on the "to airport" service? [ back to menu ]
Transit times do vary dependent on your destination and level of congestion. We strive to move your consignments as quick as possible but quote a 5-7 day period from time of payment. It is likely that we will achieve quicker than this quoted period.

4) Are there additional charges at airport of destination? [ back to menu ]
Yes and broadly speaking these charges are deemed to be "Airport Arrival Charges" which every airport in every country will charge to importers, whether private or commercial. We generally cannot pay them in advance so have to leave them to the customer to pay on arrival, to the airline or our agent at destination.

If you have selected a "to door" service then these charges are included in your prices which you will pay to Excess Bags, however you need to read the next set of questions to see what charges are not included on this service.

5) Can I send my baggage on a clearance and delivery or "to door" basis? [ back to menu ]
We can arrange for your consignment to be delivered to your door at destination for most cities in the world. Please contact our office to get prices for the "to door" service.

6) What charges are not included in a clearance and delivery shipment? [ back to menu ]
If you have requested a "to door" consignment (AKA Clearance and Delivery) there are still charges which we cannot pre-determine and so will still be charged to you at destination. These are charges like Taxes, Duties, Storage, Special Quarantine Fees, Finance Charges and Destination Customs Inspection Charges.

7) What is the transit times on the "to door" service? [ back to menu ]
Transit times do vary dependent on your destination and level of congestion. We strive to move your consignments as quickly as possible but quote a 7-10 day period from time of payment.

8) Do I have to be in the country of destination at time of arrival? [ back to menu ]
These change from country to country, and a lot of countries take the view point that if they are your personal effects then you must be in the country to clear through customs. Some countries do not let you appoint an agent or representative so if you are not in the country of destination your shipment will stay in the airlines storage facilities. Our advice, based on experience, is that you must be in the country by the time your shipment arrives to avoid unnecessary problems.

9) Am I insured through Excess Bags? [ back to menu ]
Due to changes by the FSA, Financial Services Authority, we currently are not allowed to offer an insurance product. However, the majority of the time your household insurance will cover you or alternatively you can take out a specific policy which will cover you for your shipment. Please check with your household insurance company and if you are not satisfied please contract out to an insurance provider for additional cover.

10) What is the liability which Excess Bags will pay on loss or damage? [ back to menu ]
In the unlikely event of your shipment being lost or damaged in transit, our liability is limited in accordance to BIFA which is 2 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) per kg. We do urge customers to take out protection for their piece of mind during their stressful time of travelling. The SDR varies from day to day but is quoted on the money exchange rates.

11) Can you store my baggage before sending them off? [ back to menu ]
We have no problems storing the bags for you and will be free of charge for up to two weeks. If you need us to store for longer than this, please call to confirm if this free period can be extended or what rate will be charged. If you do not decide to send the bags with us, we reserve the rights to back date any storage fees and they will be payable prior to release of your baggage.

12) What security checks will be done to my baggage? [ back to menu ]
Due to the aviation security regulations we are unable to divulge this information; however we can confirm that every shipment is subject to the security checks in accordance with the Department of Transports directives.

13) Volumetric Weight, what is it & how is it calculated? [ back to menu ]
The worldwide standard for handling air cargo is based on the greater of actual weight and volumetric weight. An aircraft's cargo hold is restricted in the ability to handle weight and volume. You can calculate the volumetric weight of your shipment by multiplying the length, width and height in centimetres of each of your pieces and dividing the total by 6000. Alternatively use the following tool to auto calculate your volume, by clicking here.

Volumetric Weight = [Length x Width x Height (in cm)] / 6000

  1. Multiply the length x width x height in centimetres of each piece to determine the cubic capacity.
  2. Add all the cubic capacities together to get a total cubic capacity.
  3. Divide the total cubic capacity by 6000 to get volumetric weight.
  4. Round the total volumetric weight up to the closest half kilogram.
  5. Weigh your pieces of baggage.
  6. Add the actual weights together to get a total actual weight.
  7. Round the total actual weight up to the closest half kilogram.
  8. Changeable weight is the bigger of 4 or 7 above

Piece 1:
(50cm x 25cm x 25cm) / 6000
Volumetric Weight = 5.21kg
Actual Weight = 7.83kg

Piece 2:
(100cm x 50cm x 27cm) / 6000
Volumetric Weight = 22.50kg
Actual Weight = 17.90kg
Total Volumetric Weight = 5.21kg + 22.50kg = 27.7kg
Total Actual Weight = 25.73kg
Rounded up to the closest half kilogram:
Volumetric Weight = 28kg
Actual Weight = 26kg

Chargeable Weight = 28kg

If the volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight, the shipment is charged using the volumetric weight.

15) What duties and / or taxes will I have to pay at destination? [ back to menu ]
Duties and / or taxes vary widely according to the destination. If goods are owned for at least 12 months, they are normally duty and tax free. Please bear in mind that we have no control over the actions of customs services anywhere in the world. It is your responsibility to ensure that you abide by the rules and regulations of the country that you are sending your goods to (or from). If you require additional information please go to the governmental website to get further clarification. See our links section to find your country quickly.

16) What packing material must I use? [ back to menu ]
We accept any strong/good quality carton or case. Please remember that cartons should be at least as thick as double wall strength. Hi-fi, stereo, computer and electrical appliance cartons, etc, are normally intended for domestic distribution and are usually unsuitable for export shipment. Such items should be repackaged into suitable double wall cartons or packing cases.

17) Where can I get good quality boxes from? [ back to menu ]
You can order from us directly or alternatively you can purchase cartons from self storage facilities and Argos. Be sure that they are double walled cartons that you purchase

18) Can I seal my cartons, suitcases and bags? [ back to menu ]
It is best to seal your cartons, suitcases and bags prior to releasing your shipment in to our control. For extra protection we do place a polythene bag over any suitcase and seal it so to give it extra security.

19) Can I send wine / alcohol or any other liquids in my baggage? [ back to menu ]
You cannot send any liquids in your baggage, as this will delay your shipment and cause unnecessary expense and aggravation to us and the airlines. If you want to send a shipment of wine or any other form of liquid then it must be declared and packed professionally.



1) My baggage has arrived into London Heathrow and I need to get it cleared through customs, can you help? [ back to menu ]
We have a direct electronic link into customs and we can process a customs clearance immediately for you.

2) What paperwork will I require to facilitate the import clearance through customs? [ back to menu ]
If it is your personal effects you must provide us with a copy of the transport documentation and the completed C3 Form. You may need to send a fax to the import airline stating that we are to act on your behalf.

However, if you have commercial goods being imported you must provide a suppliers invoice to substantiate the value. This clearance is a lot more technical so please contact us to discuss the requirements in accordance to your situation.

3) C3 Form - Where can I get a copy & who must complete it? [ back to menu ]
The C3 Form can be printed off from our website under the documents section. It is for the owner of the personal effects to complete the C3 form.

4) Can you deliver our baggage to us or do we have to collect from London Heathrow? [ back to menu ]
We can arrange to deliver to your residence or place of work but only once cleared through customs and payment has been made. Alternatively you can collect from London Heathrow but you will need to visit us to collect the release papers.

5) How long does it take to clear through customs? [ back to menu ]
Most of the time a clearance will only take a short space of time, however the hold-ups are that we are waiting for the airline to do something or that customs want to inspect the cargo or documentation