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Importing Goods
We are able to assist you and act as your direct
representation when importing goods.

Imports & Customs Clearance, UK

The importation of your personal effects into the United Kingdom by air freight and sea freight has become more cumbersome now that HM Customs has closed all their walk-in centres around the country. This essentially means that to get your shipment cleared through customs you will need to appoint a clearing agent.

Excess Bags are able to assist you and act as your direct representation. By doing so we will ensure you receive your consignment as quick as possible and avoid unwanted storage charges.

There are various service levels which we can assist you with, from simply clearing your shipment through customs and you collect it from the airport / seaport or arranging it to be delivered to your residence at a convenient time. Of course the higher the service level required the more expensive the charges become but we tailor it to your needs and requirements.

Please feel free to call us to discuss the various options available and the various charges which will be incurred. If your consignment attracts any VAT and Duty we can settle it directly with HM Customs so to speed-up the clearing process. Payment of charges can be by credit / debit card or cash deposit in to bank account.

You do not need to set this up before hand and if your baggage has already arrived at London Heathrow and you require urgent assistance and advice please call on us.