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Prohibited Articles
Find out about all the restriction rules you may
face along the way.


There are four categories of prohibited articles.

At Your Own Risk Items

Below is a list of articles which Excess Bags will move in your consignments but will not be covered by any transit cover and that the customer places in their baggage at their own risk:

  • Articles of exceptional value. Eg: Works of art, antiques, precious stones, gold and silver.
  • Collectable items such as stamps and coins.
  • Important documents like passports, certificates and bonds.
  • Fragile articles, glass, ceramic, stone, fine china.
  • Jewellery over £200.00.
  • Televisions and monitors.

Restricted Items

Generally these articles do not pose a danger to health, safety or property while being transported. Their carriage however is subject to regulations, or in certain instances, can be banned for public policy reasons, these items include firearms, drugs, pornography.

Perishable Items

Such as plants and food but also any produce or animal which can deteriorate and or lose value under normal transport conditions unless being forwarded using an appropriate specialist carrier.

Dangerous Goods

These are items that pose a danger to health, safety or property while being transported. These categories include:

  • Explosives - Fireworks, ammunition, flares and industrial caps.
  • Corrosives - Car batteries, paint, medicinal or certain toiletries.
  • Flammable Liquids - Lighter fuel, nail polish, nail polish remover, petrol, lighters, perfumes, colognes, alcohol, and aerosols such as hair sprays, certain alcohols.
  • Flammable solids - Firelighters, matches.
  • Poisons - Insecticide and weed killers.
  • Gas - Aerosol deodorants, hair spray, gas cylinders, mace.
  • Infectious substances - Viruses and bacteria which would affect humans and animals.
  • Oxidising materials - Bleaches.
  • Radioactive materials - Instruments containing radioactive source radioisotopes for research.
  • Magnetised materials - Any form of magnetic items.

Regrettably if you should pack any item that is in contravention of the IATA Dangerous Goods by Air Regulations the shipment will be subject to delay and civil penalties being imposed. The list provided is not exhaustive and should you require clarification on items which can be considered hazardous in an aircraft environment please seek specialist advice to be sure that you are not contravening the IATA regulations. Should your consignment contain any prohibited items which contravene these regulations, then your consignment maybe subject to delay and civil penalties being imposed on you due to your negligence. You will be held liable for all costs and all the subsequent consequential civil penalties that are levied or imposed on us or any of our agents. This could be extremely costly so please be sure to check your contents properly against your packing list before you seal your cartons. It could save you an unwanted and very expensive problem later on.